Course Information

Course Description and Objectives: Hormones alter the development and expression of animal behavior, while behavior in turn changes the effects of hormones. This course will examine the ultimate causation of behaviors as well as the mechanistic basis of those behaviors from a hormonal perspective. We will take an evolutionary approach by emphasizing the selective pressures that act on animals and the hormonal and behavioral responses to these pressures. The course will combine lectures and discussions of primary literature.

Course Structure: Each class meeting is 33% lecture by instructor and 67% discussion led by discussion leaders (but involving all students). Each student will be responsible for leading in a group of 2-3 students two papers throughout the course term. Each discussion leader will post one discussion question based on the reading on a course website/discussion forum at least two days prior to the class meeting. All other students are expected to respond to each forum discussion with 2-3 sentence responses at least 12 hours prior to the class meeting.

Paper Discussions: This document will help you prepare for each week’s scientific paper discussions. Both as a presenter, and as a participant.

Here is the link for signing up for the weekly discussions. We will fill this out in the class on 21 February. Sign-Up for Weekly Discussions