Paper 6 Discussion

When they discuss the behavioural differences between the suburban and rural males, they say that the suburban males might put less effort into courtship encounters with females because they have many neighbours. Do you agree with this, or would you expect different results from higher numbers in the same area?
They also discuss that less aggressive behavior and more rapid testosterone decline could be a good coping strategy with the modified social stressors of the urban environment. Why do you think it is and what other reasons can you think of?

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  1. Competition is a challenge to achieve the possible courtships and suburban lizards could have less courage to face with a large number of neighbours or could be due to their social behaviour which may be driven by habitat.
    Lower aggression and rapid of testosterone decline may accompany the change in the intensity of social stressors that can alter the social coping styles of lizards from the typical “proactive” form to a “reactive” form likely modulated by overall higher corticosterone levels

  2. I agree with both findings. Since in suburban areas they have more neighbours than in rural areas the chances of finding a female partner in mating season is higher so in my opinion the courtship behaviors don’t require as much energy because even if one female doesn’t choose them there’s still a good chance another one in close proximity will.
    The second finding is similar to this. Because the animals living in suburban areas are affected by multiple stressors basically all the time, it would be very costly to always maintain high agression and testosterone levels every time they encounter a neighbour male. This coping mechanism is much more energy efficient.

  3. With more neighbours, more males could be around one female, so males should compete more.
    Rapid testosterone decline and less aggression could be good, because many, last longing fights beetween males are very expensive energetically, and the less conflict they have, the less chance they got to get injured.

  4. As We know a lot of animals have their own personality just as a common behavioural flexibility. So in my opinion both findings can be true. A not so closely connected example could be humans. Just think of the tolerance of being beteween a lot of other people when you are from a sheppard family from the mountains or you lives in a metropolits your whole life

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