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  1. It would have a direct effect on male reproductive success but also a indirect effect on the fitness by changing the pace of life, which two can be balanced out.
    On females it would more have an indirect effect by changing the reproductive success of sons (so the number of grandchildren).

  2. The T mediating gene can affect the father’s size/aggression/reproductive success and can have other indirect effects. I can imagine that based on what ‘type’ of male the female chooses during mating, based on the male’s fitness she can choose how much energy and resources she will put into the offsprings and therefore how will that affect her own fitness due to trade-offs (for example, if there’s only a ‘lesser’ male left to mate with, the female can perhaps determine how much nutrients she will put into her offsprings with that male. Maybe it would be better to save her energy for herself and thus ensure that during the next mating season she will be able to reserve more energy for her future offsprings.)

    • Yes, tradeoffs are very important to consider. It is sometimes referred to as “hedging your bets” — because you may put off investment now but what if you do not survive to next breeding season?

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